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Our Approach

We recognize that developing your company's Internet presence is serious business and trust you recognize that these responsiblities should not be placed in the hands of the inexperienced. Our three years of successfully developing and deploying Internet Marketing Strategies for Businesses (including retailers, manufacturers, and service oriented businesses), sets CDN Design apart from the rest. Here's what to expect when you contact us for a proposal.

Initial Consultation: The First Step In The Right Direction
It all begins with a telephone call. Typically, someone like yourself will call and state "We're looking to get on the Internet" but has little or no knowledge of the goals they wish to accomplish aside from generating sales. The ensuing conversation can last up to 45 minutes and is our initial consultation through which we extract key facts necessary to develop a proposal. During this time you'll recognize you're not dealing with the inexperienced but rather with someone who understands your business, principles of marketing, and the Internet. So wait no longer. Pick up the phone, call us, and speak with someone who understands.

Preliminary Market Research
The second step after learning about your company and the products and services you offer, is to conduct some preliminary research. The objective of this research is to learn more about your industry, your business, and your competition. It's this step that often reveals additional ways we can tailor a Internet strategy superior to that of your competition. At the very least, we learn more about your industry which is vital to developing a site consistent with your company's goals.

A Clearly-Defined Proposal
After our initial consultation and a preliminary study of your market, we're ready to prepare a proposal that clearly defines our responsibilites as your Internet Marketing Partner. Our proposal will spell out in detail how we plan to meet your Internet marketing objectives through site design and promotion.

Site Development
This is where "the rubber meets the road". Your site will be developed utilizing all the tools necessary to project the professional image your business deserves. As we develop your beta site with fast-loading, crisp, clear graphics, we'll encourage you for input, making the site development process an interactive one whereby we develop an even closer relationship as your Internet Marketing Partner.

Site Promotion
Once you've approved your site design and content, it's time to bring the traffic to your door. This is where many developers fall short and CDN Design excels. Rather than being a last minute thing, your site will have been developed with this in mind from the very beginning. Each document will be properly coded and submitted to various Internet resources to ensure that your potential customers will find their way to your site. If we build it, they will come!

Ongoing Communication and Maintenance
While your site will be developed professionally from start to finish, ongoing maintenance will be necessary as your company develops new products and services, or as your competitors develop innovations to which you must respond or as Web technologies continue to evolve. Whatever the situation, we'll be there to help you every step of the way.

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